Our Philosophy

„It is not our feet that move us forward, but our thoughts!“

(Chinese proverb)

Our Company 

We act responsibly and flexible. We are part of the Massilly Group, a family owned and run business, which ensures continuity and stability.
LK-PremiumPack develops, manufactures and delivers high-quality metal packaging that gives our customers’ products added value and offers additional uses for consumers.
We act ethically and responsibly towards our employees, business partners, society and the environment.

Our Employees

We work as a team with mutual respect and trust. We take special care to create a work environment in which every individual can develop his or her potential, take responsibility and contribute new ideas and creativity.
Our employees benefit from performance-related compensation and cooperation focused on longevity.
By giving our employees future prospects, we ensure that they

 identify with the company and are whole heartedly committed to exceptional customer service.

Our Customers

Our customer relationships are geared towards sustainability. Reliability and honesty are our guiding values.

High customer satisfaction with our services and with the quality of our products forms the basis for long-term cooperative relationships

Our Suppliers

We strive for lasting, mutually supportive relationships throughout our supply chain. We promote know-how and an emphasis on quality as well as our values regarding reliability, honesty and social responsibility.

We actively promote the constant improvement of working conditions, social standards and environmental awareness among our production partners.