Tea tins - Decorative Pieces with Recognition Value

Tea tins have been popular for many years and are valuable among collectors. The classic caddy shapes are square and round. Even today, these shapes are frequently used to create a nostalgic look.

Using a metal tin for your tea offers added value in several ways:
  • Your tea stays fresh and aromatic longer
  • Tins are refillable and can be used for other purposes
  • Metal tins are as impressive visually as they are to the touch
  • They are practical and easy to handle
  • They offer a high level of functionality
  • Tins are decorative and customizable
  • Metal tins can be completely recycled and help protect natural resources

But metal tea caddies don’t have to be nostalgic: Quite to the contrary. The available shapes are versatile and the design can be modern as well as timeless. Metal packaging offers optimum protection for your product.

Tea retains its freshness and aroma for an extended time, and the tin can be continually refilled and reused. Metal tins are also suitable for storing bulk quantities of tea–in commercial kitchens for example. Tea bag dividers can also be implemented.

With different printing effects and / or embossing, you can create your custom tin and turn your product into a decorative piece with high recognition value. Unique tins are sure to attract customers attention on the shelf. 

Especially when the content is similar to other products, using attractive packaging as a form of advertisement can give you a significant competitive advantage. We are happy to help you with the development process and design. Benefit from our long-standing experience in providing innovative metal packaging.