Boxes from tinplate

Boxes from tinplate

Boxes made from tinplate - for countless applications.

Like no other packaging, metal tins are predestined for the long-term and protective storage of all types of food. The high malleability of tinplate allows for the production of customized dimensions and sizes. Through unusual designs, color effects and embossing, the metal tins serve as an enduring brand-name ambassador. Thanks to their elegant appearance, the tins add value to any filling material and enable suppliers to set themselves apart from the competition. At LK-PremiumPack, experienced specialists work closely with our customers during every phase of the order and offer advice on all questions regarding the design, production and application of the tins.

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The beautifully shaped tin boxes serve as packaging for all kinds of food products – from coffee and tea to baked goods and sweets such as cookies, chocolate, fruitcake, gingerbread or as a promotional tin for spirits. Tins are particularly popular as a storage container for coffee. In a metal tin, this sensitive product can be stored for a longer period of time without losing its aroma and remains fresh even after opening and closing the tin repeatedly. Whether ground, whole-bean or in the form of capsules or pads: The household favorite is always well-preserved in a tin. Metal tins are highly versatile and can be equipped with additional features, e.g. a plastic lid with wire closure or an additional inner lid. This protects the product against flavor loss. The coffee tins are refillable, and with their chic appearance, they serve as home decor for an extended period while broadcasting their advertising message.

Our decorative coffee tins are also popular as a gift for special occasions. Embellished with a personalized label and greeting, the sturdy, premium tin boxes and their delicious contents make an attractive welcome gift. A high-quality and elegant coffee tin made of tinplate becomes an eye-catching centerpiece in shop windows and the decorative highlight of any retail store.

For over 10 years, LK-PremiumPack has been THE leader in the development and production of decorative tinplate packaging. Many of the top brand manufacturers throughout Europe rely on the quality of our metal tins. They value our reliability and competence, our advice and flexibility and, last but not least, the excellent price-performance ratio of our tins. Let us dazzle you with our versatile design possibilities, photorealistic prints and elaborate embossing. We turn your metal tin into a first-class decorative storage container and collectible, thereby creating long-term marketing potential with high brand recognition.