Finishing Options


Decorative tins serve as durable displays for your brand name and can be repurposed in a variety of ways: As gifts, treasure chests for children, storage containers and coveted collectibles, they make an ideal medium for your advertising message—and one that will last many years beyond the time of purchase. 
In order to ensure a unique product presentation at the POS, we offer a wide range of creative finishing options for your metal tin that combine the high-quality content and exquisite packaging of your product to make an unforgettable impression on the shelf.

Lacquer (glossy, matte)

In addition to adding an elegant shine, lacquer protects the surface from scratches while the tin is being formed and during subsequent use as packaging. For the production of tins, a glossy, transparent protective lacquer (also called silver lacquer) is usually used as finish. Alternatively, matte lacquer can be used to give the tin a special effect. Upon request, matte and glossy elements can be combined on the tin by adding partial matte print. 
The inside of the tin is also usually coated with transparent lacquer, but we’re happy to use a golden color upon request. Interior finishes provide additional corrosion protection and ensure the tin is suitable as food packaging. Our interior lacquers have been BPA-free for years, and their food safety has been tested by renowned institutes.

Embossing (logo embossing, 3D embossing)

Embossing adds texture and special value to your tin. By "inviting" customers to touch the tin, embossing serves as a convincing sales aid. At LK-PremiumPack, we offer you detailed embossing in which the surface can be raised or depressed. An embossing tool consists of two hardened metal stamps (positive and negative), into which the sheet metal is pressed for shaping. Blind embossing can be used without printing or with printing to visually enhance certain areas. In this process, experience and precision are particularly important to ensure accurate alignment of the embossed areas with the print. 
Embossing gives your tin an exclusive, high-quality look, and 3-D embossing creates a tactile experience that is sure to catch the attention of any customer. 


How would you like YOUR tin to close? 
Depending on your requirements, we offer hinged lids, snap-on lids, clamp-down lids, screw caps, lug caps and slide covers—our tins can even be equipped with zippers or padlocks! 


We have the right "inner workings" for YOUR filling! 
Trays made of PET, flocked inlays, foams, EVA, cardboard/paper—we offer you the interior structure you need to perfectly present your product and directly integrate the inlay into the tin upon request. 


Are you looking for something out of the ordinary?
How about a tin that combines metal and plastic elements, glass stones mounted on the tin, glitter effects or added components such as music boxes?
We are happy to attach items for presentation at the POS, such as cards and ribbons, directly at our factory.