Miscellaneous Tins - Dare To Be Different

Those who appreciate things that are unusual, unique and “different” have come to the right place. In addition to the traditional shapes–round, rectangular, square and oval–you have the option of creating a customized shape of your own. 

Using a metal tin offers added value in several ways:
  • Your products stay fresh and aromatic longer 
  • Tins are refillable and can be used for other purposes
  • Metal tins are as impressive visually as they are to the touch
  • They are practical and easy to handle
  • They offer a high level of functionality
  • Tins are decorative and customizable
  • Metal tins can be completely recycled and help protect natural resources
Tins in eye-catching shapes, such as spherical tins, star-shaped

tins or tins in the form of airplanes, animals, figurines, etc. draw special attention to your products at the point of sale. Almost any shape is possible. To turn our customers´ creative ideas into reality, we push the envelope of what is technically possible–and sometimes even surpass it. Especially for complex shapes, we create a plastic model for our customers in advance. This allows for packaging and design tests without the effort and cost of the actual mold making.

Unleash your creativity and trust in our expertise and innovative strength when it comes to developing exceptional shapes. Together, we will develop a unique and functional solution for your tin. With an elaborate print and / or embossing, we give the design its finishing touch and turn your packaging into a true collectible.

We can develop customized packaging for nearly any product. The individuality and attention to detail of a metal tin give you a competitive advantage and can increase sales. Especially when the content is similar to other products, the packaging makes all the difference!