Spice tins - Keep Your Spices Fresh

We offer spice tins in many shapes and variations. An ideal metal tin for storing spices should be functional as well as decorative. 

Using a metal tin for your spices offers added value in several ways: 
  • Your spices stay fresh longer 
  • Spice tins are refillable and can be used for other purposes 
  • Metal tins are as impressive visually as they are to the touch 
  • They are practical and easy to handle 
  • They offer a high level of functionality 
  • Tins are decorative and customizable 
  • Metal tins can be completely recycled and help protect natural resources 

The functionality of our spice tins can be enhanced in a variety of ways.

Dispenser lids made of metal or plastic make a convenient addition to your tin and can be customized to fit the spice—whether fixed in place or twistable for different measuring options. A wide range of requirements can be met with dispenser lids.  

Display windows in the lid or on the side of the tin are another element that can enhance your tin’s decorative appeal. Windows allow the user to easily check the freshness and fill level of a given spice. Printing and/or embossing give your spice tin the finishing touch or you can opt for a label or banderole instead. 
There are virtually no limits to the design of your tin—the

possibilities are endless! Designing a tin for your product ensures a high-quality presentation at the point of sale and increases sales chances. Of course, metal tins can be used for much more than spices. They offer convenient storage for nearly any product. Whether coffee, tea, pet food, cosmetics, writing utensils, etc.—we’ll find the right tin for you!