Pillbox individually printed by LK-PremiumPack

Dosen individuell bedruckt

Pill box

Small but nice: Candy boxes and pillboxes from LK-PremiumPack

It's the little nibbles that make our lives better, sometimes give us comfort or find grateful recipients in social gatherings. The bonbonbon tin is just as much an indispensable companion as the pill tin, whose contents bring us refreshment and soothing relief not only in the cold season.
When it comes to the presentation and design of a tinplate tin, LK-PremiumPack attaches particular importance to a distinguished, noble appearance and perfect workmanship. The tins with rounded corners and edges are a real „hand-flatterer“. The rectangular can has a lightly weighted hinged lid and closes flush with the base. The tound tin with screw cap and transparent lid is not only suitable for pills, mints or sweets; The metal cans is the right storage contaoiner.

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The small and elegant boxes made of white sheet metal fit into any jacket, coat or handbag and are therefore a constant companion when on the go. The range of application of the small jewellery boxes is not limited to sweets and pills. Customers of LK-premiumPack have also discovered the metal boxes as containers for creams, make-ups and chewing gum. The elegant and high-quality tin is an ideal gift, filled with tempting nibbles or other personal items. Printed with imaginative motifs, the tin can becomes a coveted collector's item with long-term utility value. Brand-name companies use the diverse shapes and design possibilities of pillboxes and sweet boxes as a long-term carrier of their brand name and their advertising message. As the tins are made of tinplate, they are fully recyclable without any loss of quality and therefore resource-friendly.

At LK-PremiumPack, we only use high-quality tinplate for our cans. This meets the strict legal requirements for the storage of sensitive foodstuffs. Candy tins and pillboxes are provided with a food-resistant inner coating. The tins meet the highest standards of quality and durability. The competent team at LK-PremiumPack also implements unusual shapes and design wishes at attractive prices and with short delivery times.