Gingerbread Tin Boxes

Gingerbread Tin Boxes

Gingerbread tins often evoke memories of the past.

Our beautiful gingerbread tins predominantly feature nostalgic or historical motifs. Detailed embossing (also in 3D) or elaborate prints with artist motifs make these high-quality tins a popular gift packaging. The design possibilities for the gingerbread tins are extremely versatile: round, oval, square and rectangular shapes with printed, embossed or punched motifs evoke emotions and enhance the premium filling of the metal tin. The creative possibilities are nearly limitless. Sophisticated details such as integrated music boxes, a chest-shaped design with a lift-off lid, etc. give the gift tin added value.

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Once the Christmas treats have been eaten, the gingerbread tin is usually given a “second life” as a storage tin for baked goods and chocolates, preserving the freshness and flavor of its contents for a long time. Even sensitive foods such as spices, coffee or tea can be optimally stored in the metal tins. Thanks to a special protective layer our tin-boxes fullfill the strict legal and environmental requirements of the EU and are suitable for food-contact. These high standards are being followed and secured by LK-PremiumPack over the complete supply chain and thus provide upmost security for our customers.

Gingerbread tins made of tinplate are decorative containers for the storage of collectibles and small objects of all kinds and can even be used as a coin bank. Children discover the nearly indestructible metal tin as a “treasure chest” for their personal and secret belongings. Hobbyists, too, have long trusted in metal tins as a depot for their small parts and supplies. Whether as a gingerbread, keepsake or storage tin – all metal tins have a long service life and the lasting benefit of being an advertising medium with a high recognition value. No other packaging meets the criteria to serve as a long-term brand representation, often over the course of many years. Even after it has been opened for the hundredth time, the sturdy tin maintains its shape and brilliant exterior. With LK-PremiumPack, gingerbread tins can be produced individually and at low prices, with customized shapes, prints and metallic color effects. In our comprehensive online shop, we offer a large selection of neutral metal tins in various dimensions and shapes, which can be made into a personalized gingerbread tin with a label or banderole.