Development and Production

„Everything completed and perfect is stared at, and everything incomplete is undervalued.“

(Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)

Let´s go!

Initial contact is usually made with a phone call or via email. Occasionally, we already get to know each other in person at a trade show beforehand. At the beginning of a project, you discuss your ideas with one of LK-PremiumPack’s competent contact partners. Based on available samples or drawings, we specify your requirements and illustrate the implementation. Once your order is placed, we manufacture fully shaped and printed samples for your approval. While these samples represent the final product, nothing is actually final yet. At this point, you are still able to make desired changes. Once the final approval

is given, we start production. After completion, the products undergo a final inspection and are prepared for shipment. The end products are shipped to Europe in a container by sea and brought to our central warehouse in Germany. Here, the goods are palletized and secured for further transport to your desired address. Then it is your turn to begin packaging your products into your customized metal tins. 


For elaborate customized solutions, we make 3D animations available prior to assembling the necessary equipment. In addition, we can create a plastic model for even better visualization. The plastic model allows for packaging tests and the optimization and visualizing of the final product while keeping costs at a minimum. Based on your comments, final adjustments

can then be taken into account. Upon approval, we proceed to the final mold making and provide a sample for approval. This sample is representative of the final product and serves as the reference for the bulk production. This process can usually be completed within 4 weeks. After the approval sample has been accepted, bulk printing and production can be started.


Production begins after acceptance of the proofing sample, which we provide to you. The production cycle usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete. In the first production step, the metal sheets are painted, printed using an offset printing process and then dried in the oven. In the next step, the metal sheets are cut and formed into a tin by deep drawing and seaming. Each individual

production step is accompanied by strict quality controls overseen by LK-PremiumPack’s quality experts. Prior to packing, the end product undergoes a set of comprehensive final inspections, which are then systematically cross-checked by LK-PremiumPack employees.


At the factory, the tins are carefully packed in boxes and loaded directly into 40' high cube containers chartered by us. For large orders, we arrange customized packaging options with the customer– for example, tins packed on trays and pallets or in printed boxes for subsequent delivery as final PUs for retail sale. 
We ship every week, ensuring quick transport even for smaller orders. In order to avoid damage of any kind, we attach great

 importance to the fact that no transshipment takes place between the factory and our central warehouse in the German Ruhr district.

At our warehouse, the containers are unloaded, pallet packed and secured with stretch wrap for onward transport by truck to your desired address. For regular contract customers, we keep buffer stock and arrange for just-in-time delivery on demand.