Coin Banks

Coin Banks

From a candy tin to a coin bank with a long-term advertising effect

A coin bank made of tinplate from LK-PremiumPack is an especially creative way of packaging premium products with originality and wit. The tins with a slot in the lid or on the bottom are usually filled with sweets and can then be used as a coin bank for at home or the office. Children in particular love to have their very own “treasure chests” in interesting shapes, which are often embellished with fun motifs that appeal to the imagination of the younger generation. For parents, metal tins are an ideal way of introducing their children to the nearly forgotten virtue of long-term saving. Pocket money collected in the coin bank builds up anticipation for the fulfillment of long-held wishes while also providing teachable moments about the prudent and responsible handling of money. This makes coin banks a meaningful gift for children.

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But adults, too, have long discovered the benefits of keeping coin banks in the household. Once the gift tin is filled to the top, nothing stands in the way of indulging in a small reward. The repeated use of coin banks ensures that the label of brand manufacturers is displayed over an extended period, creating lasting brand recognition. Clubs and charitable organizations can use metal coin banks as an attractive fundraising tool.

Coin banks from LK-PremiumPack can make nearly any creative design idea a reality. The metal tins are highly malleable and can be produced in even the most unusual shapes and design variations. A wide range of finishing options give the decorative tins a distinctive, personal touch and an advantage over the competition. Whether as a tin with nostalgic historical motifs, a vehicle reproduction, beverage tin, music box or a metal tin with a padlock – the custom design possibilities for a coin bank are virtually limitless. The striking shapes, prints and embossing of the tins make them an indispensable decorative item for displays in shop windows and retail stores and invite customers to marvel at the products and pick them up for a closer look.

LK-PremiumPack works exclusively with high-quality materials made of tinplate, which meet the strict legal requirements for the long-term storage of even sensitive food products. All tins are lined with a food-safe inner coating and are produced with the highest standards of quality and durability. LK-PremiumPack manufactures your customized tin boxes according to your specifications at attractive prices and with short delivery times.