Metal tins as ideal storage for spices


Metal tins as ideal storage for spices and herbs

Metal tins are also an ideal storage container for sensitive foods such as spices, which must maintain their consistency and flavor over an extended period. Compared to many other types of packaging, tin boxes protect these valuable products for a long time. A special inner coating applied to the metal tin ensures its suitability for food use. Hobby and professional chefs also love the metal tins because of their versatile design possibilities. Many hobby chefs enjoy showcasing their comprehensive and exotic spice collections, and with our elaborately designed metal tins, guests are sure to be impressed.

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Our spice tins range from an elegant silver-matte finish to elaborate designs with brilliant prints. In the kitchen, a set of decorative spice tins not only provides a visual highlight – the metal tins also help keep things organized. Equipped with a custom label or with banderoles, the different spice tins are easy to distinguish even in hectic restaurant kitchens. Display windows in the body or lid of the metal tins ensure a clear overview. Spices can be easily identified from the outside and the fill level of the tins is always visible. Dispenser lids made of metal or plastic with various hole sizes allow for the correct measurement of the spices and can either be fixed in place or twistable for different measuring options. Thanks to the removable dispenser lids, the tins are refillable.

As an additional flavor seal, LK-PremiumPack offers round tins with a double lid and a practical button or with twist-off lug caps. LK-PremiumPack produces spice tins in many different shapes and design variations. Printing and embossing give the metal tins a unique look and set them apart from the competition. Each LK-PremiumPack tin stands for utmost quality and environmentally friendly production. The metal tins are fully recyclable. LK-PremiumPack’s online shop offers a large selection of spice tins in various shapes, sizes and configurations. In addition, we are happy to make your customized tin to order. The tins are not only suitable for spices and herbs – practical metal tins can be used to store any number of small items. Adorned with special prints and labels, the tins are also highly popular as personalized gift packaging. Retailers use the decorative spice tins as an eye-catching centerpiece for effective displays..