Environment / Ethics

„We’re not responsible for the things we do,
but for the things we don’t do.“

(Chinese Proverb)

Social Responsibility

Business activities cannot just be limited to the pursuit of profit. Attention to environmental and social concerns in respect to our manufacturing partners, customers and employees is very important to us. We take and support measures that go beyond our legal obligations towards society and the environment.  

We not only provide fair and attractive working conditions for our employees, but also actively pursue the constant improvement

of working conditions and safety standards of our production partners. With our own employee team and an ongoing on-site presence overseas, we ensure regulatory compliance and can exclude the possibility of child or forced labor. 


We believe that sustainable management and protection of the environment mean always striving to use energy and raw materials more efficiently, avoiding waste and continually improving the recovery rate of used materials—in short: responsible use of all resources.  
  • No other packaging material has higher proven recycling rates than metal packaging (e.g. 95.8 % in Germany)
  • The material can be recycled any number of times without suffering a loss in quality

  • Conventional waste disposal is avoided
  • Protects natural resources
  • Lowers energy use
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Steel made of scrap metal requires up to 75% less energy (than steel made of iron ore)
  • Lower energy use means a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2
  • No other packaging material is so cost-efficient, simple and effective to reuse without suffering a loss in quality


We strive for the highest customer satisfaction.
  • Customers receive personal consulting by competent and friendly experts
  • Prompt processing of and response to customer inquiries and concerns

  • Reliability in fulfilling our agreements  
  • Premium product quality thanks to meticulous quality management
  • Comprehensive process control for individual production steps
  • Final inspections based on AQL
  • Just-in-time delivery for contract customers


We create an attractive working environment with ample development opportunities.
  • Employees are challenged and supported in their professional growth
  • Open and honest communication  
  • Performance-based compensation
  • Working relationships are geared towards long-term collaboration

Production Partners

Our suppliers become production partners.   
  • We strive for lasting, mutually supportive relationships throughout our supply chain
  • We promote know-how and an emphasis on quality as well as our values regarding reliability, honesty and social responsibility
  • We actively promote the constant improvement of working conditions, social standards and environmental awareness among our production partners

  • The compliance with and development of high standards is ensured by the constant presence of our own employees at the factory and in-depth communication with LK-PremiumPack in Germany