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Beverage tins - Send a Message in Style

Metal tins are ideally suited for the packaging of beverages, powdered drinks and spirits. Especially fine spirits have traditionally been packaged in elaborately printed and embossed metal tins. The value of the product is emphasized while it also attracts more attention on the shelf. 

Using a metal tin as packaging for your beverage offers added value in several ways:
  • Powdered drinks stay fresh and aromatic longer 
  • Beverage tins are refillable and can be used for other purposes
  • Metal tins are as impressive visually as they are to the touch
  • They are practical and easy to handle
  • They offer a high level of functionality
  • Tins are decorative and customizable
  • Metal tins can be completely recycled and help protect natural resources

Metal tins can also be used as premium packaging for powdered drinks. Not only is your product’s valuable aroma and freshness retained longer, but your customers are spared the inconvenience and unsightly storage associated with conventional packaging made of plastic or cardboard. Beverage tins make a decorative addition with high use value to every household.

With their variety of shapes, cans offer the ideal basis for creative packaging. Choose an existing shape and size or have your tin made to measure. We then offer you the possibility of individual design with printing and/or detailed embossing. Set accents and create a long-lasting advertising medium with your very personal message.

Of course, tinplate cans are not only suitable for drinks or spirits, but other products can also be filled in a can. Benefit from our many years of experience in the can business and let us advise you. Whether functional tin can or gift packaging - we always find a suitable solution.