Cookie Tin Boxes

Cookie Tin Boxes

Biscuit tins and cookie tins are an indispensable companion for Christmas and Easter.

For generations, cookie tins made of tinplate have been synonymous with the long-lasting and flavorful preservation of all kinds of baked goods. Whether scrumptious biscuits, homemade Christmas cookies, fragrant fruit cakes or enticing chocolates and truffles – the tins decorated with nostalgic or modern motifs become a treasured item in nearly every household. The decorative tins are a real eye-catcher and ensure that the brand name is displayed on the storage container over a long period of time. We can create nearly any shape, color and embossing for you, giving the metal tin a personalized touch that emphasizes the premium nature of its contents. The attractive metal cookie tins are a magnet for shop windows and sales counters and are sure to draw customers attention.

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Truffles, chocolate and other sweets can be safely stored in the durable and elegant packaging made of tinplate to preserve their flavor. A special inner coating makes the metal tins food-safe. High-quality cookie tins from LK-PremiumPack are produced with great care, and their reusability as storage containers makes them one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials available. The tins made of tinplate can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Our cookie tins are perfect for storing small hobby and craft items and make great coin banks and treasure chests for children. Many customers have also discovered our tins as a decorative container for all types of food, e.g. tea, coffee, spices, pasta or rice. In the tightly closed metal tins, many products remain fresh for prolonged periods of time. As sensitive foods, baked goods require special care and protection from external influences during baking and packaging. Cookie tins made of tinplate optimally protect their contents and keep them fresh for an extended time while their bright colors and creative shapes also make them a decorative addition to every coffee table. Metal tins are an attractive gift packaging for small treats. Gift tins made of metal with unusual and unique designs show a special appreciation for the recipient. Among the most popular shapes are rectangular tins with a hinged lid and elegantly rolled lid edge for smaller baked goods and sweets. But square metal tins in a high-end look with a slip lid are often used for chocolates, sweets and baked goods, as well. LK-PremiumPack offers custom cookie and chocolate tins as personalized gift packaging with a unique flair. Buying cookie tins in our online shop The LK-PremiumPack online shop offers a wide selection of decorative metal tins in neutral shapes and colors: round, square, oval or chest-shaped in elegant, simple designs with a classy silver-matte finish and in assorted sizes. Our online shop program rounds off the LK-PremiumPack product range.