Round tin box made of tinplate

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48 pcs. (€1.79 * / 1 Unit)
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Product number: 9024
PU: 48 pcs.
Delivery time: 2-5 days
Measurements: 83 x x 112 mm
Capacity approx. : 605.68 ml
Round tin box made of tinplate
When packaging items for wholesale and for customers, it is important that their presentation looks attractive and sleek, while also serving its purpose. If you are looking for high-quality packaging solutions for food items, a round, tinplate box is an excellent option. Tinplate tins are lightweight and high-strength, which makes them ideal for shipping and for storing food.

This round tin box is made of standard tinplate, which consists of a thin steel sheet coated with tin. A very lightweight material makes it ideal for shipping. It is also very strong, functional and extremely durable. Tinplate tins do not corrode or rust easily and are frequently used in food packaging. Additionally, tinplate is an eco-friendly material and can be recycled, which is a huge benefit for many consumers nowadays.

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Aside from being lightweight and inexpensive, this round tin box has a superb design and is ideal for packaging high-quality food products. The tinplate exterior of these tinplate tins has a stylish appearance with an elegant matte finish that gives it a clean, modern look. Fitted with a double lid, the tin seals in flavour and is particularly suited to packaging foods that need to stay fresh for a long time, such as herbs and spices or tea and ground coffee. Round tea, tinplate tins are easy for consumers to store and can sit neatly on any kitchen shelf or countertop. This particular model has the benefit of a double-lid design. This truly seals in the flavour and freshness of any foods that it holds.

This round tinplate box is 0.23 mm in thickness and measures 83 mm x 112 mm in width and height. It can be purchased in quantities of between 500 and 2000, or 2001 and above. The larger the quantity, the lower the cost per unit. Tinplate is, in general, a very cost-effective material used in packaging and offers significant savings when compared with other materials such as aluminium. It is possible to order product samples of these round tinplate tins.

If you wish to order tinplate tins for packaging, there is a wide selection available in various shapes - other tinplate box shapes include rectangular, square, and oval.

Material: standard tinplate, matte finish
Material thickness: 0,23 mm
Packaging Unit: 48

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